# Command Syntax Usage
1 antivirus hack antivirus Scan for viruses on your device.
2 balance hack balance Shows your crypto balance.
3 connect hack connect Connect to a device that you have bypassed.
4 daily hack daily Claim your daily crypto rewards.
5 decrypt hack decrypt Uses your password decryptor to crack into a bank account.
6 device hack device Displays your device's software and crypto balance.
7 leaderboard hack leaderboard Shows the top devices on Hackcord.
8 overclock hack overclock [task] Use your overclocks obtained from voting to speed up tasks.
9 scan hack scan Scan for a list of other player devices to bypass.
10 shop hack shop [PAGE # (optional)] Purchase software upgrades on the black market.
11 spam hack spam Claim spam earnings from devices you have infected.
12 task hack task Shows your device's tasks and the status of the task.
13 update hack update Updates your software to a higher level that you have downloaded from an inspect.
14 vote hack vote Vote for Hackcord to recieve Overclocks!
# Command Syntax Usage
1 help hack help Shows commands and information for Hackcord.
2 invite hack invite Gives an invite to add Hackcord to a Discord Server.
3 ping hack ping Shows the latency of Hackcord -> Discord.